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TITLE : High Risk Intrapartum Nursing

Co published with the association of womens health obstetrics and neonatal nurses awhonn this comprehensive clinical textreference provides a current concise and accurate source of guidance for perinatal nurses and clinical specialistsstudy 34 high risk intrapartum practice nclex questions flashcards from ashleigh l on studybluea client 38 weeks gestation is being induced with iv oxytocin pitocinfor hypertension and oligohydramnios she is contracting q 3 min x 60 to 90 secondshigh risk intrapartum nursing part i description developed by d ann currie rn msn ant time the presenting part is not well engaged or firmly against the cervix a prolapsed cord can occurdeveloped by d ann currie rn msn version cervical ripening induction augmentation amniotomy amnioinfusion episiotomy assisted vaginal birth forceps assisted birth vacuum extraction cesarean section vbac external cephalic version is the changing of the fetal presentation from breech transverse lie or oblique lie to a

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